Bukhara: Indian Food for All Palates (even the meat & potato types!)

By Christine Williams

Some people said Paul was crazy to move to Minnesota in 1993 and open an Indian Restaurant in a land of meat and potato people. But Paul Cjheema, owner of Bukhara Indian Bistro, took a chance and found that people would line up at lunch and dinner to eat the food he prepared. And now, more than ever, Paul sees the popularity of Indian food growing as people choose it for themselves and their office because of the flavor, variety and health benefits.

Bukhara serves Northern Indian food, which is less spicy than Southern Indian food. Paul creates his own recipes and when asked about his recipes he says, "They are from the heart. I cook quality, fresh food every day. I create the recipes." At Bukhara they also blend their own spices, giving the food more depth in flavor. Paul is an advocate of using good quality spices and meats in all his cooking. He also explains that his food is healthy, full of vegetables, flavorful herbs and lean meats.

If you've never had Indian food, or want to order it for the office to fit a variety of palates, Paul recommends Chicken Makhani. It is tender, boneless pieces of tandoori chicken, cooked in a fresh tomato sauce with a touch of light cream and house seasonings. Bukhara has many gluten free options as well, making it easy to order for a variety of dietary needs.

And in the month of September, Bukhara is offering free rice pudding with every Bukhara order. The rice pudding is a specialty Paul created and people have said they come to his restaurant to eat the rice pudding because it's that good. With box lunches it's easy to bring some flavor to your next meeting meal with Bukhara!

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