Game Changer: How the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal can Empower You

By Christine Williams


You may think the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal is a way to stay informed and have a general knowledge of what is happening in the Twin Cities. You’re partially right. Talking to Wendy Blomseth, Account Executive at the Business Journal, it also became clear that the Business Journal can make you better at your job, give you insightful knowledge to improve your company and make you a valuable resource for your boss.

Wendy has worked at the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal for four years and holds 1x – 3x Power User Seminars each month. She shows anyone, from job seekers to admin, how the Business Journal can be used as an empowering tool. “Professional business people should be engaged, whether that is intentionally reading the daily online newsletter, getting a paid subscription, attending events or sponsoring events. You choose how you engage,” says Wendy.

At her Power User Seminars, Wendy goes through the Weekly Edition, telling groups specifically how each feature can be an asset. “The more you know, the more you can contribute,” says Wendy. Here are a couple of the ways Wendy advises admin to use the Business Journal:

  • Look at the “People on the Move” section to see who your company knows and who you should know.
  • See what nominations are listed to see if your company’s clients are on the list and take note of who the marketing department should contact.
  • Look at the events and workshops listed to see who the speakers and attendees are. Ask yourself if you or your boss should be attending.
  • Pay attention to news articles to inform your boss what is happening, which will also give them content for intelligent conversations with clients.
  • Pay attention to advertisements. Look at the ads to see what your competition is doing and evaluate what your company needs to do.

When you engage with the Business Journal you become a source of knowledge on contacts, competition, news and events and you are a valuable resource for your company and boss. If you don’t currently get the Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, Wendy advises you contact her directly or 612-288-2148 to get a few complimentary issues to show your boss. And then advocate for yourself by pointing out the value of the Business Journal as a beneficial resource for your team and company because of the knowledge and growth it brings.

Looking back, Wendy says, “If I knew then what I know now, the things I would do differently . . . I wish I had read the Business Journal long before I secured this position. You should always be learning.”

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