Coworker Camaraderie

By Christine Williams

You might not love your coworkers, but getting along with fellow employees not only makes your life easier, but improves job satisfaction. According to Mayo Clinic, getting along with your co-workers makes work more pleasant, improves your ability to produce quality work and lowers your stress level.

After talking to Joyce, whose office makes it a priority to promote staff interactions and achievements, it became clear that getting out and doing something as an office is a key to coworker camaraderie. U.S. News and World Report list the top five bonding activities for coworkers as volunteering, participating in fitness or sports activities, getting out of the work environment for a field trip, attending professional development classes and sharing meals.

According to Joyce, positive results have come out of the intentional time their office spends together. “Four years ago we made the decision to hold a mandatory meeting day with staff every Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Part of the day is spent doing a volunteer event and part of the day we spend going over the previous year’s accomplishments and setting goals for the new year,” says Joyce.

Taking time to volunteer and celebrate accomplishments shows the company’s dedication to giving back to the community and appreciating their employees. Joyce says staff enjoy this day set aside for volunteering and appreciation, as it allows co-workers to catch up, understand the company’s success and what they need to accomplish going forward.

In addition to volunteering, their company celebrates birthdays, work anniversaries and babies. “Within our departments employees celebrate birthdays with a cake and card. We also celebrate milestone anniversaries. We have incredible longevity in our organization and it is something we are very proud of!”

Joyce said it best when she remarked, “we find that sharing volunteering, as well as special life events and successes of our employees with everyone, keeps people engaged and feeling part of a larger family.”