Food Trends for 2015

In January the phrase "out with the old, in with the new" is heard more often. But what does this mean for the food world? With the help of Restaurant News, we'll tell you what foods are "so last season" and what to expect in 2015.


With all this talk about health we still couldn't resist letting you know what desserts are trending in 2015. As you may have noticed, doughnuts are all the rage. Gone are the days of your basic raised or glazed doughnut. Now doughnuts are bacon flavored, cherry topped, espresso-buzzed works of art. But what is next for trending desserts? Ice cream sandwiches. Yes, your favorite childhood treat makes a sophisticated come back. Keep your eyes peeled for ice cream sandwich food trucks and ice cream sandwiches turning up on restaurant menus as a dessert option.  


Now that we've started with dessert, let's move on to the staples. Locally sourced meat, seafood and produce are on the incline, along with free range pork and poultry. People want flavor without the fat, leading to skewers, rotisseries and smoked meat. And with your meat, try a biscuit. Croissants are old news and pretzels are trending, but pretzel buns and all the rest will be traded in for flaky biscuits. There are restaurants in New York that already specialize in biscuits, an indication of what's to come in the future. 


The vegetable trend is currently cauliflower. Health gurus have crafted cauliflower "mashed potatoes," cauliflower gratin, cauliflower pizza crust and other health specialties. Take a peek into the future and radishes are waiting to take center stage, along with a smorgasbord of radish concoctions.


And here's one trend where we've got you covered! In a fast-paced life with a push to get more done, people value their time and are asking restaurants to provide box lunches for work and on the go. Who knew we were ahead of the trend!