Chocolate with Character

With a history dedicated to quality ingredients and innovation, it’s fascinating to look behind-the-scenes at what makes B.T. McElrath Chocolatier a top of the line chocolate and the perfect gift, dessert or anytime snack.

In 1996, B.T. McElrath Chocolatier was founded and they introduced a truffle that featured balsamic vinegar and Zinfandel wine. Some people thought it was crazy. Balsamic vinegar was for salads. Wine was for drinking. But others fell in love. This chef-driven approach to chocolate fit in with a growing global food movement, and suddenly they found themselves serving an audience that appreciated fine ingredients, craved challenging flavor profiles, and demanded chocolate that was both deliciously balanced and exquisitely worked.

Today, the expectation of even the casual chocolate lover is higher than ever. That’s why B.T. McElrath Chocolatier is forging into the future by embracing its roots. They’ll be crafting more chocolates by hand, introducing limited edition runs, and featuring more interesting, ephemeral chocolates that will be exclusive to their website.

At the same time they’re going to continue their commitment to their successful line of chocolate bars that have brought B.T. McElrath chocolates to a whole new audience. Where these chocolates were once specialty gifts, now they’ve becoming part of everyday life as fans break off a square and share with friends, neighbors and coworkers.

Bringing you these creations are dedicated artisans committed to their craft. Leading the group are General Manager Peter Macaroni and Founder, CEO Brian McElrath. Part chef and part scientist, Peter combines a passion for allowing the ingredients to shine with a drive to find the perfect combination of savory and sweet. He can often be found in our test kitchen with his notebook, meticulously recording his efforts. “The concept alone isn’t enough,” he says. “You have to execute it.”

Meanwhile Brian remains the chief visionary. A former chef in his own right, he continues to develop relationships with suppliers and providers, with a special eye toward regional ingredients. As a native Minnesotan Brian is especially keen on highlighting the flavors and heritage of the Midwest. “Chocolate is a tropical product,” he says. “But we’re going to make it local.”