Restaurant Variety & Availability
Customer Service & Meeting Meal
Price & Process Efficiencies
Order Accuracy & Timely Delivery
Delicious Presentation & Set Up
How It Works
  1. Simply call (763) 512-1212 or click on the ORDER ONLINE button on the right side of this page.
  2. Tell us what time you want your food to arrive, and where.
  3. Select your meal, or we can help you decide.
  4. We will review and confirm your order one day prior to delivery.
  5. Our Food Delivery Specialists will pick up, deliver and set up your food according to your specifications.
Behind every good meeting is a great meal.

We are rooted, owned and operated in the Twin Cities since 2001, we exist to passionately feed all your meeting needs.
You can trust us to get the ‘happy meeting meal’ job done right for your office.

We are passionate about making your job easier.
You can simply login or call one of our Customer Experience Managers at 763.512.1212 to place your order.

We will match the right food to the right meeting mood whether it be casual, classy, spicy or sweet and light. Then, we seek out the best restaurant partners, cuisine variety, and taste-test dishes.
Your menu and meeting meal experience is never cookie cutter unless you are ordering cookies.

We ask you about who will be at the meeting and know how our restaurants vary in portion sizes to help you get the right quantity. Because you don’t want your team to go into a food-coma!
Your team will be alert and full of energy, even after a full meal.

We work relentlessly with our partners to refine and redefine their ‘meeting meal’ menus.
Your menu options will always be refreshed to keep your team from being tired of the same-old, same-old.

We will make sure your order is just right, every time. You even told us how much you appreciate the confirmation calls the day ahead, for many times there was something extra you needed to make that meeting meal just right. Glad we helped!
You will not be embarrassed because your boss did not get their favorite dish delivered.

We will be on time for your meeting so that you don’t wonder or feel anxious at that very last minute. That’s why we have invested so much in having state-of-the-art dispatch technology and talent to be in close contact with our drivers from point A to B to C.
Your food has the best chance making it on time, to your meeting. We do our best to plan ahead for road-blocks.

We will make sure the food looks delicious when it is set up, and you have all the utensils, drinks and desserts (for those with a sweet tooth).
You won’t have to uncover or set out your meal unless you want to that is.

In summary, we are a passionate, hard-working, “Minnesota nice” group of people who sincerely want to make your job easier and a bit more flavorful, one plate at a time.
Your team will rave about their food, and you will get all the kudos!

The Plateful Bunch at Creative Corporate Catering