Creative Corporate Catering
First time using Creative Corporate Catering since my previous company. I'm delighted!
Peggy Jo D.-F.
Lunds Byerlys
First time I ordered online and then called to make sure the order was received.Very nice, friendly. Employees loved the food.
Cary L.
Frankies Chicago Style
Order taker assisted in finding a place that had pizza that was close to the office to hopefully have an earlier delivery. Success!
Kristina H.
Jake's City Grille
CS- Patient. I changed my mind two times.Arrived early but I have crock pots and a big fridge. Onus cookies were packaged so nicely. Love the basket. Gumbo was gone within the first 15 minutes. Will do the gumbo again. Different side-wraps were messy.
Sandy S.
Good Earth
Tuesday is a fantastic ambassador for your company. She is so personable and friendly. Whoever hired her deserves a bonus! Everything labeled just as requested.
Jeanne B.
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